For the culmination of my graduate school experience at NCSU, I completed a graduate thesis informed by a year of research. The abstract below describes the ideas upon which i focused my argument and making during this exploration. A low res pdf can be downloaded however, the speculative artifacts can be seen throughout my website with the label thesis research.


versatile channel: employing non-verbal language in design practice
to reshape communication precedence.


A majority of our lives are spent in conversation with others, however few identify or explore the complexity of this interaction. Communication is an inclusive behavior that determines an individual’s degree of influence or control over the things that matter within a group. Conversation is a powerful interaction in which existing knowledge is transmitted and new knowledge can be generated. Aphasia reveals the crucial necessity for communication.

Those with aphasia have communication difficulties arising from their cognitive impairment, which in turn is exacerbated by the primacy and reliance on written and spoken language. This condition leads to social exclusion, problems comprehending the use of alternative communication channels and a disruption of inner thought and language. It is vital to realize the exclusivity of the current framework for communication and seek modification of the process with design. Through visualizations of non-verbal and verbal communication design can enabling comprehension and use of proximity and gesture in the hopes of reducing interference for those with communication impairments. This research also studies the capacity for design to take on non-traditional and challenging problems by means of visual thinking, form making and research methods to define specificity.

Submitted in partial fulfillment for the degree of Master of Graphic Design
North Carolina State University, College of Design, May 4, 2010

thesis pdf 6.4mgs